Washington Post Proves that Hatred and Ignorance are Alive and Well


Dear “Author” of this Pile of Crap:

How honorable that you didn’t even have the courage to post your name with such ignorant, hate-filled, useless drivel.  Most of what I would like to say was better expressed here, or here.

The most important parts are these:

  • Referring to anyone who is transsexual as “unnatural” is hypocritical.  We readily accept plenty of “unnatural” things, such as birth control, penicillin, and cosmetic surgery.
  • Children are not stupid, and yes, they will ask questions.  They will also pick up on your bigotry and hatred.  “Protecting” them from the evil evil trans people just breeds a generation of adults who don’t know how to interact with anyone different from themselves.
  • The term “she-male” is offensive and derogatory.  It’s dehumanizing.  Rhetoric is all well and good against things, like proposed bills, or theoretical arguments.  It’s bullshit when used against real live human beings.

And finally, get off your high horse.  As a cis-woman, sharing a bathroom with a trans person doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

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